Arizona State has never been known as a basketball school...but that may be changing.

Not long after being hired by ASU, Bobby Hurley brought on a familiar face to his staff, one that shared his Jersey City roots. And since his arrival in 2015, associate head coach Rashon Burno has proven to be a critical component of building a contender in Tempe.

On this episode, we go in-depth on the process of elevating ASU hoops, the ins and outs of recruiting, how the Devils landed Josh Christopher, how the Hurleys compare as head coaches, finding sanctuary in basketball during a rough upbringing in Jersey City, and much more.

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It's been a tough sports offseason, so we dusted off our epic 1996 team reunion special. Sit back & revel in the stories & memories from TWELVE of the stars from that legendary team.

Keith Poole (3:47), J.R. Redmond (15:47), Damien Richardson (43:08), Kyle Murphy (1:00:06), Terry Battle (1:22:04), Jeremy Staat (1:33:09), Jeff Paulk (1:42:38), Grey Ruegamer (1:56:30), Juan Roque (2:06:37), Derek Smith (2:25:11), Derrick Rodgers (2:41:09), Jake Plummer (3:03:34)

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Sun Devils are more than scholars and athletes. At Arizona State, there is a commitment to ensuring that the student-athletes of today are the successful and influential members of society tomorrow.

Alonzo Jones is ASU's Associate AD, Inclusion & Championship Life. He oversees programs that help shape and mentor the Sun Devil student athletes to prepare them not just to face the challenges life will bring, but to overcome them and thrive.

In this episode, we discuss his commitment to this critical mission, the resources and programs that help shape ASU's student athletes, the challenges of connecting with today's younger generations, why it's important to be defined by who you include and not exclude, and so much more.

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Everyone loves the idea of the hometown hero, but sometimes, life has other ideas.

Cade Cote was a homegrown talent, starring on the line at Williams Field HS in Gilbert before making the decision to stay true to ASU. But once in Tempe, Cote's career never got on track due to injuries and other circumstances.

Granted a 6th year in 2020, Cade now has a chance to end his collegiate career on a high note.

In this episode, we discuss the process of getting a 6th year, the hard road back from injury, the value of perseverance, how the program has evolved over a half decade, the battles in the trenches & much more.

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Being a black athlete in America today carries with it so many additional hurdles and obstacles many in society simply don't understand.

Thankfully, many are speaking out to help create the change that is needed and to give valuable insight into their experiences.

On this episode, ASU tight end Nolan Matthews opens up about the challenges facing black athletes, how we all can support the fight for equality, players using their platforms to spark change, his powerful letter to America, player concerns about COVID-19, plus plenty of football insight on the tight end position in ASU's new offense.

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ASU's secondary has a a number of young and talented ballhawks ready to make their mark, including redshirt freshman Jordan Clark.

In this episode, Jordan and I discuss how he's preparing during the pandemic, the lessons from his redshirt year, a key talk with Eno Benjamin, learning from Herm, his role in the new defense, and so much more.

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What were you doing when you were 17 years old? Were you trying to hold back some of the most ferocious pass rushers in the nation? Because that's exactly what my guest on this episode was doing.

LaDarius Henderson found himself thrust into ASU's starting lineup early last season as a true freshman. As to be expected, there was a steep learning curve, but also a lot of promise for the future.

In this episode, we discuss his debut season, the challenges of his shift to right tackle, pushing trucks and preparing for a season in the middle of a pandemic, and so much more.

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Not all big games are created equally.

The history of Sun Devil football is filled with amazing performances, but some transcend "great" into "legendary." On this episode, we identify and rank the 10 greatest single-game performances of all time.

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Losing your defensive coordinator not once but twice in an offseason could be crippling. Then again, not every program has someone like Marvin Lewis to step right in.

One of the game's best defensive minds is taking the reins for the Sun Devil defense as co-defensive coordinator in 2020.

In this episode, we discuss getting back into coaching, ASU's new scheme, coaching for and against Herm Edwards, the Pro Model, his role as a recruiting "closer," mentoring Antonio Pierce, and so much more.

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What if they'd made that stop? What if he signed? What if he had stayed?

Sun Devil football history is full of significant What If? moments, where the course of the program changed for better...or worse. On this episode, we break down 10 of the most fascinating and impactful What If? scenarios and theorize how things could have played out had they gone differently.

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A wise man said, "You look good, you feel good. You feel good, you play good."

Arizona State's football equipment manager Jerry Neilly is an invaluable part of the Sun Devil program. Neilly and his staff put in countless hours to ensure the team is properly equipped, looks good, and has every tool needed for success.

On this episode, we discuss the daily grind behind the scenes, innovation and creativity, odd player requests, and of course...UNIFORMS.

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For the Sun Devils to take the next step, they'll need to elevate their game in the trenches. This offseason, they made a hire they think can get them there.

On this episode, I talk with Arizona State's new defensive line coach Robert Rodriguez.

We discuss his time in the NFL and how ASU's Pro Model compares, the new 4-man front, the techniques in the trenches, recruiting linemen with NFL potential, and so much more.

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There are great seasons. Then there are GREAT seasons.

On this episode, we tackle the tough task of not just identifying the best individual single seasons in Arizona State history, but ranking the top 10. Did your favorite make the cut?

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Time flies when you're having fun.

Just like that, we have 249 episodes behind us. For our 250th, we look back to the show's humble beginnings before revisiting some of our favorite and most meaningful, a live performance from Ryan Bexley, and, yes, THAT Grey Ruegamer story.

Time Index:
Juan Roque (from Episode 1): 12:09
J.D. Hill (Episode 36): 27:02
Danny White (Episode 91): 1:01:38
Keith Poole (Episode 93): 1:31:20
Jake Plummer (Episode 117): 1:50:35
N'Keal Harry (Episode 130): 2:08:34
Mike Haynes (Episode 165): 2:14:04

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It's a challenging time for the head of ASU Athletics.

On this episode, I talk with Arizona State Vice President of Athletics Ray Anderson.

We go in-depth on a number of topics, including what must happen for sports to return, the economic impact of COVID-19 and how "everything is on the table" for the Sun Devils, what measures may be taken if fans are allowed to return, the Pac-12's biggest issues, media deal challenges, hockey arena progress, #Pac12Refs, and so much more.

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Bobby Hurley and his Sun Devil squad just had a very good week.

We kick things off by breaking down the three big additions to the program before getting expert insight from Hod Rabino of (23:34).

Then we're joined by ASU 5-star signee Marcus Bagley to discuss carrying on his grandfather's legacy in Tempe and building a hoops powerhouse (1:00:24).

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They may not all have set records or were named an All-American, but they were all great Sun Devils. 

With the sports world on hold, we look to ASU's past to celebrate some former players who may not be getting their due before discussing some beloved underdogs worthy of time in the spotlight.

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It may be spring break, but there are no days off.

After a discussion of the latest news, we dive into a review of the first half of spring practice with Jordan Kaye of (18:15) before giving a position-by-position rundown.

Then we talk some hoops with ASU color analyst Kyle Dodd, as the Devils prepare for the Pac-12 Tournament (1:25:22).

After some baseball talk (wins are good!), we are joined by former ASU offensive lineman Cohl Cabral who discusses his preparations for the NFL Draft (1:59:30).

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Spring ball is here, there's much to discuss, and we're joined in studio by Ralph Amsden. We begin with a deep dive into the coaching turnover before diving into each position group where we break down the big questions facing the Sun Devils as practices get underway.

But that's not all. We're joined by QB Jayden Daniels (45:06), OL coach Dave Christensen (1:43:53), and new DL coach Robert Rodriguez (2:20:41).

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The seed was planted before the win over Oregon. Now Arizona State is hoping the hiring of Prentice Gill blossoms into roses.

On this episode, ASU's new wide receivers coach and assistant recruiting coordinator discusses the next steps in recruiting, leveraging his experience into building a Rose Bowl team, wide receiver roles in the new offense, the impact of the Pro Model & much more.

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Get on the train!

In our annual sitdown, ASU head coach Herm Edwards and I discuss the state of the program, dealing with heightened expectations, the challenges of keeping a staff together, diversity in coaching, evolving his view on offense, recruiting improvements, and more.

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The Sun Devil defense will have a new look in 2020, so let's talk with the man charged with building the back end.

On this episode, new ASU defensive backs coach Chris Hawkins and I discuss the new defense, building a No Fly Zone, recruiting strategy, advantages of his youth, gunning for USC, and so much more.

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Sun Devil baseball has had some legendary players over the years, and Spencer Torkelson is right up there with the best. Heading into his junior season, the slugger is viewed as a potential No. 1 overall pick in the MLB Draft.

On this episode, we discuss the pressure of draft expectations, his place in ASU history, the rebuilding of the Sun Devil program, the nastiest pitch on the squad, preschool #TorkBombs, and more.

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Arizona State's offense is looking to take the next step, and Herm Edwards believes that new offensive coordinator Zak Hill is the right man for the job.

On this episode, Hill and I discuss his offensive outlook and scheme in great detail, his plan and timeline to install his offense, spring practice goals, bringing back tight ends, fullbacks & more.

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Since arriving in Tempe, Tony White has helped turn around the Sun Devil defense and recruiting efforts. Now, he's the new ASU defensive coordinator.

On this episode, we discuss White's defensive philosophy, evolving the 3-3-5, keys to recruiting, his coaching influences, and much more.

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We unveil the official Speak of the Devils All-Decade Team, including our first and second-team picks for offense, defense, and special teams.

We also talk to ASU legends Taylor Kelly (13:39), D.J. Foster (1:03:26), and Brandon Magee (1:55:44) as they reminisce about their incredible careers.

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