There's no place like home. 

Arizona State may not have to look far for their next starting quarterback. Bryce Perkins comes from a talented football family and is looking to he turn his incredible talents into the Sun Devils' starting job. 

The Sun Devil legacy has no shortage of support as the Valley community is rallying behind him. Will it be enough?

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Arizona State has a long history of outstanding quarterbacks, but perhaps none have come to Tempe with the pedigree of Brady White.

In episode 4 of Hard Count: The Devils' Decision, we take a detailed and in-depth look at what White, the highest-rated quarterback recruit in Sun Devil history. He brings a wealth of talent to the program, but will that be enough to win him Arizona State's starting quarterback job?

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"I'm eager, I'm anxious, and I'm hungry."

Playing quarterback at the collegiate level can be incredibly daunting, but it's nothing compared to what Arizona State's Manny Wilkins has already faced through his young life. A troubled childhood led to an adolescence that nearly derailed everything, before the love of his family and a newfound resolved put him on the path to success.

In episode three of Hard Count: The Devils' Decision, Wilkins opens up about the obstacles he has overcome, we hear from the uncle and father figure who turned it all around, his teammates explain just what that special something he has actually is, and expert writers weigh in on his chances in winning ASU's starting quarterback job.

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In the Hard Count series premiere, we set the stage for Arizona State's quarterback battle. Now, we take an in-depth look at the newcomer who will be calling all the shots.

Chip Lindsey is the new Sun Devil offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, and he has some pretty big shoes to fill. In this episode, I sit down with Lindsey to examine how his offensive scheme and playcalling philosophy developed, how he has become an effective mentor of quarterbacks, and what things will be most crucial to winning ASU's three-man battle.

We also get excellent insight from record-setting Southern Mississippi quarterback and Lindsey pupil Nick Mullens, as well as USM beat writer Jason Munz. You won't find a more comprehensive overview of what to expect from ASU's newest offensive general.

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On the heels of a disappointing season, several key departures, and significant coaching turnover, the Sun Devils head into 2016 facing several questions. However, none are larger than: Who will be the quarterback?

Welcome to Hard Count: The Devils' Decision, a new audio documentary series that will tackle this question head on and in greater depth than anywhere you will find.

In episode one, we'll examine the current situation, hear from former ASU starting quarterbacks on what it takes to be successful, how best to handle a high-pressure position battle, and look back at the 2012 competition to learn some key lessons moving forward.

Stay tuned for episode two, when we'll find out about what new offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey will bring to the program, both as a playcaller and a mentor of the young quarterbacks.

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