Arizona State's win over No. 1 Nebraska in 1996 is Sun Devil gospel. Over 20 years later, the victory still resonates, and holds a special place in the heart of ASU fans everywhere.

Fans know what happened on the field during the 19-0 victory. However, few know how what happened the night before helped to impact not only the game, not only the season, but the future of the program.

Key members of that legendary 1996 team take you inside that players-only meeting, onto the team bus as it drove through a sea of red, and into the pre-game locker room as they prepared for their date with history.

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The train had a rough stop in San Diego, but Herm Edwards is looking to get back on track this week.

After a look at the news (3:13), we analyze the loss at San Diego State, including a debate over the game's two controversial decisions (5:03).

Then we go in the trenches with ASU legend Juan Roque (31:02). The former All-American discusses the struggles of the offensive line, his thoughts on Herm, and more.

We then look ahead to ASU's road battle against No. 10 Washington. First, we get an insider's look from Lars Hanson of (46:28), and then breakdown the matchup and give our predictions (1:04:10). 

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The train is now moving up the Top 25.

After a look at the news, we review ASU's big win over Michigan State (17:11) before Ralph Amsden of gives us a recruiting update (41:18). We then talk with ASU DC Danny Gonzales on the defense's hot start & the feeling of facing his former team (56:31). We're then joined by SDSU inside Kirk Kenney (1:07:50) as we dive into our in-depth Sun Devils v Aztecs preview (1:17:52)

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It's Sparky versus Sparty on our 200th episode!

We begin this historic show with a review of ASU's 49-7 victory over UTSA and a look at what we can take away from the effort.

Then we head into the trenches with Sun Devil center Cohl Cabral (32:26) before talking with wide receivers coach Charlie Fisher (37:31).

We then go behind enemy lines with Jim Comparoni of to get an insider's view of No. 15 Michigan State (42:53). Then it's time for our preview, where we lay out the keys to victory and give our final score predictions (1:04:47).

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It's GAME WEEK! Former ASU star safety Jordan Simone joins us in studio to break down the UTSA game & his new gig. Plus, we talk with ASU LB Darien Butler (59:47) and DT Renell Wren (1:03:33) before going behind enemy lines with UTSA insider Javi Cardenas (1:08:13). We cap it all off with our in-depth game preview & predictions (1:18:03).

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It's the most wonderful time of the year...

We're joined in studio by Hod Rabino and Ralph Amsden of as we break down the key questions the 2018 Sun Devils are facing.  We also talk with running back Isaiah Floyd (2:10:14) before revealing our fearless predictions on how Herm Edwards' first season will play out (2:13:52).

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It's time for our annual Media Day spectacular.

Brad sits down with several key Sun Devils to discuss the major issues facing the team heading into the season. Hear from cornerbacks Kobe Williams and Chase Lucas (1:59), defensive end Jalen Bates (12:48), left tackle Casey Tucker (22:29), linebacker Koron Crump (31:39), running back Eno Benjamin (37:07), and head coach Herm Edwards (44:30).

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Fall camp is in full swing, so let's talk some football.

We start with Brad's early impressions of the first four fall camp practices, including early standpoints. trends to follow, and questions needing answers

Then it is time for our annual visit with ESPN SportsCenter anchor and ASU alum Matt Barrie, who gives his insight into Herm Edwards and what success looks like in 2018 (27:00).

Brad then talks with a pair of talented newcomers already making noise: RB A.J. Carter (40:58) and LB Merlin Robertson (43:20).

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The Sun Devils open the first fall camp of the Herm Edwards era this week, and Speak of the Devils brings you an in-depth preview. After a look at the latest news (2:46), we examine each position group and break down the key players, critical battles, and most pressing questions as the season opener looms (29:50).

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Season 8 premiere! After discussing the news (2:51), we talk with ASU QB commit Joey Yellen (18:15). Next up, we preview the Pac-12 race (28:17) & get insight from Jon Wilner (1:23:40). Then we preview the national scene (1:41:41) before our interview with the legendary Phil Steele (2:15:15).

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We wrap up this year's Sitdown Series with a candid 1-on-1 chat with ASU CB Chase Lucas. We discuss building upon his All-Pac-12 debut, how hard it is to cover N'Keal Harry, the pressure of being a local star, puppies, Herm Edwards, leaving early, and much more.

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We review ASU's recent recruiting surge (4:05), talk with new WR Geordon Porter (27:44), countdown the 10 most important players for 2018 (36:52), get insight from offensive coordinator Rob Likens (1:10:03), react to listener fears & thrills about the upcoming season (1:27:28), and consider Arizona State with Spencer Hall (2:15:05)

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With the No. 1 pick in the 2018 SotD Draft...

It's the heart of the offseason, but there's no lull on the latest Speak of the Devils.

We kick off the show on the recruiting trail, as we get analysis of ASU's latest moves from Ralph Amsden of (2:34). Next up, we talk to Ethan Long, one of ASU's new quarterback commits (13:20). The talented gunslinger discusses his commitment and what he looks to bring to the Sun Devil offense. 

Then we're on the clock. Ralph and Uniformity author Cole Streeper join us in-studio for our first all-time ASU football fantasy draft. Pulling from a draft pool that includes every player in program history, the four of us make our picks and assemble our teams (32:00). We then cap it by getting a little creative & weird (1:48:00).

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Ride the train with Arizona State head coach Herm Edwards. During our conversation, we discuss a wide range of topics, including the state of the program heading into summer, spring standouts and concerns, recruiting his next quarterback, why you should "watch out them Devils", The Chuckbox, and much more.

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Let's hit the trenches with one of the game's all-time greats.

In this episode of the Speak of the Devils Sitdown Series, I talk with new Arizona State offensive analyst Kevin Mawae. During our conversation, we discuss his illustrious career, his role with the Sun Devils, playing for Herm Edwards, his favorite Herm-isms, his coaching aspirations, and much more.

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As he gears up for his final season in maroon-and-gold, the leader of the Sun Devil offense opens up.

In this episode, I talk with Arizona State senior quarterback Manny Wilkins. During our conversation, we discuss why he plays the game, how he's looking to use his platform and profile to inspire good in today's youth, the changes in this year's offense, how Herm Edwards has brought "juice" to the team, and much more.

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In this episode of the Speak of the Devils Sitdown Series, I talk with Arizona State's speedy wide receiver Frank Darby. During our conversation, we discuss his early years growing up in a rough part of New Jersey, how he tried to avoid a life lost to the street—unlike someone very close to him—how he is driven to make his mom proud while serving as a role model to his younger siblings, his larger role in ASU's passing game, and more.

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During a critical time for Sun Devil athletics, we go straight to the top for answers.

In this episode of the Speak of the Devils Sitdown Series, I talk with Arizona State Athletic Director Ray Anderson. We go in-depth on the New Leadership model, the fallout of the Herm Edwards hire, the dire situation with baseball, Tracy Smith's job security, his biggest concerns for the future, the next items on  his to-do list, and more.

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Spring ball is over, but Speak of the Devils is back to help you through the dreary offseason.

In this episode, we are joined in-studio by Hod Rabino and Jack Harris of for a roundtable discussion on all things spring. We review the breakout players, the most promising—and concerning—developments, the position battles left to be decided, and where the program is heading into a crucial summer. We then take listener questions (1:31:24) before our experts give an update on basketball & baseball (1:42:06).

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Spring football is hitting the homestretch. Let's talk about it. 

With 10 practices in the books, trends are beginning to emerge about Herm Edwards' Sun Devils. After a look at the latest news (3:44), we examine some of the major themes of the spring, what they mean now, and how they translate moving forward (16:31).

We're then joined by insider Hod Rabino of for his analysis of the spring's first 10 a little basketball news (1:14:32).

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As work goes on to build a stronger Sun Devil football program, one of the key architects pulls back the curtain and provides critical insight. 

In this episode of the Sitdown Series, I talk with Executive Senior Athletic Director Jean Boyd. We go in-depth on his role in shaping the New Leadership Model, the biggest changes so far, the key struggles ahead, prioritizing the student in student-athlete, giving back to his alma mater, and more.

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He ran into the Arizona State record books and into the fanbase's hearts. Now, he sits down for the Speak of the Devils Sitdown Series.

In this episode of the Speak of the Devils Sitdown Series, I talk with Demario Richard, one of the most productive running backs in school history. We cover his showing at the NFL Combine, his work in preparing for the NFL Draft, the ups and downs of his senior season, his desired legacy, and much more.

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Get on the train, spring football is pulling into the Sun Devil station.

But before the Herm Express hits the field...Bobby ******* Hurley's Devils are going dancing! After a look at the latest news (2:46), we preview ASU's trip to the NCAA Tournament as we are joined by the team's radio analyst Kyle Dodd to break down their first round matchup and whether the team can become a Cinderella (18:36).

Then it's time for our in-depth spring football preview (30:53). We break down each position group, outline the key storylines and position battles to track, and get terrific insight from reporter Jack Harris (1:27:24).

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It's the day every fax machine dreams of: National Signing Day.

We kick things off with a player-by-player review of the newest crop of Sun Devils (5:50). Then we're joined by Hod Rabino of for his insider analysis on the class, what went wrong and right, and what late additions may pop up in the coming weeks (50:43).

After a Sun Devil Stock Report (1:23:09), we talk with two of ASU's signees, running back Isaiah Floyd (1:34:18), and defensive back Cam Phillips (1:39:42).

We wrap up with Ralph Amsden of (1:45:45). He'll provide his expertise into ASU's local recruiting efforts, the names to watch in 2019, and what the end of junior college football in Maricopa County means for the future.

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Recruiting is the lifeblood of any program. With Signing Day approaching, we get in-depth answers from the man coordinating Arizona State's efforts.

In this episode of the Speak of the Devils Sitdown Series, I talk with Donnie Yantis, ASU's recruiting coordinator and tight ends coach. We cover his background as a top prep head coach, building up a college program from the ground up, ASU's recruiting tactics and strategy, rebuilding the pipeline to California, improving local recruiting, repairing relationships with local coaches, and much more.

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The Sun Devil defense has had a rough few years, but with a new staff comes a new hope.

In this episode of the Speak of the Devils Sitdown Series, I talk with Danny Gonzales, Arizona State's new defensive coordinator. We cover a wide range of topics, from the details of his 3-3-5 scheme and how it fits ASU's personnel, paying his dues, how his staff is recruiting California and Arizona, his relationship with Rocky Long, the upcoming match up against his mentor, and much more.

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With Signing Day quickly approaching, the Speak of the Devils Sitdown Series hits the recruiting trail with one of Arizona State's newest coaches and most important recruiters.

In this episode, I sit down with Antonio Pierce, ASU's linebackers coach. We talk about a wide range of topics, from being a Wildcat in Tempe, connecting with today's recruits, how ASU is trying to re-establish their talent pipeline into southern California, what the coaching staff is doing to repair ASU's strained relationships with local high schools, and more.

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The Sun Devils won't be taking the football field again for a while, but they'll still be showing up in your podcast feed.

Throughout the offseason, the Speak of the Devils Sitdown Series will bring you candid one-on-one conversations with Arizona State players and coaches. I'll go in-depth with each guest on a wide range of topics, from on the field to off, from the deep to the light-hearted. By the end of each episode, I hope you have a greater understanding of the person behind the facemask (or clipboard).

To kick off the series, I sit down with ASU offensive coordinator Rob Likens. He opens up about his upbringing in SEC country, the stress of working for a coach on the hot seat, developing his offensive scheme, math and the ministry, the keys to playcalling and more. Plus, we'll talk about the source of his never-ending energy.

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