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Speak of the Devils

The premier podcast for Sun Devil football.

Dec 20, 2021

Sun Devil student-athletes suffer nearly 1,000 injuries per year, and behind the scenes, there is a lot of work to not just get them back on the field or court, but to ensure they come back strong—physically and mentally.

On this episode, I talk with Dr. Anikar Chhabra, a national expert in the field of orthopedic surgery and sports medicine and head orthopedic surgeon for Arizona State University & Dr. Joanne Vogel, Vice President of Student Services with Educational Outreach who oversees ASU Health Services.

We discuss the health & well being of ASU's student athletes, from injury prevention, treatment, protocols, rehabilitation, and mental health considerations. By the end of our conversation, I think you'll have a greater understanding and appreciation for all the hard work and resources that come together on game day.