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Speak of the Devils

The premier podcast for Sun Devil football.

May 28, 2024

College sports is filled with wonderful stories. It's also filled with constant change, turnover, and the occasional controversy. Navigating those waters can be difficult, but Arizona State has had a steady hand on the helm for decades.

Doug Tammaro heads up ASU's media relations department. It's an often thankless job,...

May 24, 2024

ASU finally has an athletic director. Over six months after Ray Anderson's resignation, Graham Rossini has been promoted to the top job in Sun Devil athletics. With guest co-host Ralph Amsden, we discuss the move, the pros, the questions, and the concerns. Then we have an exclusive 1-on-1 conversation with Rossini...

May 15, 2024

We kick off the show with a look at the imminent hire of a new athletic director and a rundown of the newest Sun Devil football players and how they fit into a now completed roster. Then we dive into baseball's recent turnaround and discuss whether it will be enough with reporter Scott Sandulli...