Episode 15 Part I - Adam Kramer and Hod Rabino Interviews

Arizona State football stands at a crossroads in the wake of this season's horrific finish and subsequent firing of Dennis Erickson. With so much going on, Part I of this week's show first goes national. First up, a chat with Adam Kramer from the popular and insightful Kegs 'n Eggs blog to get his take on where ASU sits on a national scale, its appeal to potential coaches and what the Devils can do to gain recognition.

The show then digs deep to a true Sun Devil insider, Hod Rabino of DevilsDigest.com. Hod goes in-depth on what Erickson's firing does to ASU's recruiting, what coaching candidates ASU should target and all the latest news, rumors and inside info that you could want or need as a Sun Devil fan.

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